New book on natural disasters available in Australia & NZ

Published on Wed, 19/10/11 | News
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Australians and New Zealanders can now learn more about how people from around the world cope with natural disasters and reflect on their recent experience of fires, floods, earthquakes and drought, by reading a new book “Community Resilience in Natural Disasters”. (Click here to download Australia/NZ order form).

Community Resilience in Natural Disasters uncovers the voices of people in the eye of the storm, the swirl of tsunami waves, and the dust of the drought – people who have not only survived but joined community efforts to cope with and adapt to the crisis.

These communities tell us how aid agencies, the media, and government support or weaken communities?

As natural disasters affect more and more people, the answer to this question provides vital knowledge – not just for relevant organisations but for all of us who one day may face disaster and need some help to help themselves.

Edited by Dr. Diane Bretherton & Anouk Ride

Published by: Palgrave Macmillan

Also available on: Amazon US

Amazon UK

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