Academic Publications

Books & Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

Ride, Anouk (2010) Community perception of effects of disaster aid on conflict and peace in the Solomon Islands. Paper to International Peace Research Association Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Ride, Anouk. & Diane Bretherton (2011) Natural Disaster, Recovery and the Limits of Sentimentality. Paper to Natural Disasters, Trauma and Sentimentality Symposium, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia.

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Ride, Anouk (2014) Information in natural disasters. Paper to Australasian Aid and Development Policy Conference, Australian National University, Canberra.

Ride, A. Divided yet One: A Narrative Study of Ethnic Identity and Nationalism in Post-Conflict Solomon Islands. Presentation to the Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Panel, Peace Studies 40th Anniversary International Conference: Why War? Peace Studies in the 21st Century, University of Bradford, May.

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Bretherton, Diane, Asha Bedar & Anouk Ride (2010) Collective Memories of Natural Disasters. Paper to International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia.

Research Reports

Ride, Anouk, Melinda Kii, George West & Dallas Hila (2013) Information in Natural Disasters – Solomon Islands. Australia: AUSAID/SOLMAS.

Ride, Anouk (2014) ‘Divided yet one’: a narrative study of ethnic identity and nationalism in post-conflict Solomon Islands. Paper to Why War? Conference, University of Bradford, UK.

Georgeou, N., Hawksley, C., Ride, A., Kii, M. and Turasi, W. (2015). Human Security and Livelihoods in Savo Island, Solomon Islands: Engaging with the Market Economy: A Report for Honiara City Council.. Australia: ACU and UOW.