Anouk Ride’s published work:


Community Resilience in Natural Disasters
Palgrave Macmillan US, October 2011
ISBN-10: 0230114288
ISBN-13: 978-0230114289

The Grand Experiment
Hachette Livre Australia, April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7344-0920-1

Human Sexuality 26th Edition
ed. by Susan Bunting, Lincoln College.
ISBN: 0-07-243334-5 November 2000.

Globalise me! A student’s guide to globalisation
ed. by Trevor Poultney, AUSAID/Curriculum Corporation.
ISBN: 18-636-6592-7 2005.


A reality or illusion for the islands? Minerals lying deep beneath our shores
Islands Business, June 2013

Solomon Islands
New Internationalist, Issue 430

According to Plan
How one nation is ending Poverty.
Impact, Summer 2005.

Patient empowerment
The increasing influence of health policy activism.
Pathways October-December 2003.

Action Stations – Bison
Anouk Ride reports from Russia’s Oryol on a project to restore the European bison’s roaming range.
BBC Wildlife May 2003.

Ocean rescue
Can we save the planet’s final frontier?
Pathways April-June 2003.

Asia’s big cat crisis
Afghanistan: The proliferation of arms and Western demand are having a growing impact on the snow leopard.
BBC Wildlife January 2003.

Simply unpredictable
Madagascar’s Spiny Forest – the cockroaches hiss and the lizards change colour.
Living Planet Issue 6 2001.

Planet people: WHO’s Gro Harlem Brundtland
Living Planet Issue 6 2001.

The ultimate message
There’s a more complex story behind the slogan
Living Planet Issue 6 2001.

Planet people: Rhino man, Taye Teferi
Living Planet Issue 6 2001.

Head to Head: Whaling
Representatives from Norway and Britain to the IWC debate its future
Living Planet Issue 6 2001.

Feline recluse
Snow leopards are an expert in being neither seen nor heard but increasingly their secrets are being revealed in the hope that this might prevent the cat’s disappearance.
Living Planet Issue 5 2001.

Forest of the jaguar
Choosing to look at the Atlantic Forest through the eyes of the jaguar spurred collaboration between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to protect this biological treasure.
Living Planet Issue 5 2001.

Planet people: WWF co-founder Luc Hoffmann
Living Planet Issue 5 2001.

Planet people: Brazilian activist Jorge Viana
Living Planet Issue 5 2001.

Head to Head: Paper
What is the most environmentally responsible way to make paper?
Living Planet Issue 5 2001.

Forces for Nature
Human energy, channeled through Clean Up the World activities, is changing the environment for the better.
Living Planet Issue 4 2001.

Head to Head: Indigenous hunting
Two views on traditional hunting rights
Living Planet Issue 4 2001.

Head to Head: Australia’s rivers
How should Australia’s greatest river system be used?
Living Planet Issue 3 2001.

Thematic issue commissioned, edited and written by Anouk Ride. Includes feature article Fishy business and a news report on cyanide fishing Dead in the Water.
New Internationalist Issue 325 2000.

Country Profile: Papua New Guinea
New Internationalist Issue 329 2000.

Thematic issue commissioned, edited and written by Anouk Ride. Includes reports from Aceh and West Papua.
New Internationalist Issue 318 1999.

Peace and Reconciliation
Thematic issue commissioned, edited and written by Anouk Ride. Includes feature article from Northern Ireland, In pursuit of peace and reconciliation, and a report from Bougainville, The rebel peace.
New Internationalist Issue 311 1999.

Thematic issue commissioned, edited and written by Anouk Ride. Includes a feature article on global migration Maps, Myths and Migrants and a brief history Migration: a journey through time.
New Internationalist Issue 305 1998.

Another planet
Anouk Ride reports on the mixed messages that teenagers are being given about sex and argues that young people have rights too.
New Internationalist Issue 303 1998.

Thematic issue commissioned, edited and written by Anouk Ride. Includes a feature, The dark side of the moon, on issues surrounding the mining industry and a report from Wales and the Philippines, Light at the end of the tunnel.
New Internationalist Issue 299 1998.


Crime and looting after natural disasters the exception not the rule
Huntington News

Snow Leopards Poached for new Skeleton Trade
Until recently, the endangered snow leopard has been hunted solely for its coat of white-grey fur. But in the mountains of Central Asia it now faces a new foe: bone traders.
Daily Star News

News and features from covering the Law & Justice beat 1992-1994
The Weekend Independent, Brisbane, Australia.

Special Recommendation for feature articles on Migration from The Guardian newspaper, UK.


Radio scripts and interviews aired on Australian radio stations in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.


Devpolicy – Floods of information, drought of listening – communications in Honiara’s floods

PNA Tuna – sustainable, Islander-owned tuna from the Pacific Islands

Building Social Inclusion in Australia – Priorities for the social and community services sector workforce
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One World.Net’s dispatches
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New Internationalist
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World Wide Fund for Nature-WWF:

Natural Energy
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Driftnet fishing
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Bluefin tuna
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Snow Leopard
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Kamchatka features for WWF
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Writer’s journal:
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Blogs, drafted by Anouk Ride for World Fish, about the challenges they face regarding aquatic agricultural systems in Malaita, Solomon Islands.

Blog 1) Malaita community champions development:

Blog 2) Women have nothing to do with fish, or do they?:

Blog 3) Moving towards more innovative development in Malaita: