University of Queensland – Working with Local Strengths, Solomon Islands

Published on Thu, 23/06/11 | Uncategorized

A paper by Morgan Brigg, Volke Boege and Anouk Ride was completed entitled ”Working with Local Strengths: Supporting States and Interveners to institutionalise the Responsibility to Protect, Solomon Islands Framework of Engagement”.  The report looks specifically at how local strengths (chiefs, church leaders, women and youth representatives who deal with local peace and order issues) can link up with government services, police, aid agencies and the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands for peace and order in communities. Findings are based on field research in selection locations in Isabel, Malaita and Guadalcanal provinces and a workshop on which the key findings were drafted collectively with community representatives. The report and framework for working with local strengths was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister in Honiara 22 June 2011. Research was funded by the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

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