Off to Oceania Pitch

Published on Wed, 30/01/13 | Films, News

Adilah Dolaiano (Sukwadi Media and Anouk Ride have been selected to participate in Oceania Pitch, a documentary pitching competition held by the FIFO Festival in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Along with renknowned writer from the Makira region in Solomon Islands, Julian Maka’a the team is seeking funding and investors for a documentary called “The Test”.


A hand carved canoe with three men paddle out into the open water, to catch a fish normally hunted by giant purse seine nets – skipjack tuna.

The island of Makira is one of the few places in the world where people fish as before – using entirely local natural materials with only their experience and wits pitted against some of the world’s fastest fish. Their old methods display a range of ingenious methods to capture different species of fish – including kites that mimic birds and red mud decoys.

THE TEST takes us into the life of a typical young male teenager – music, phones and girls – but this boy also has a huge challenge ahead: how to catch tuna and prove his manhood. In the old days, those who fished for tuna were said to be able to kill giants and save their communities from peril. These days what is the value of catching tuna the old way?

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