Writing Workshop held in Honiara

Published on Wed, 15/05/13 | News, Research

Over eight weeks, May-June, writers in Honiara gathered once a week for a writing workshop designed to give writers questions which will prompt them to improve their stories and sell their works. The “Makem Gud Stori” workshop covers key elements of story writing such as motivation, theme, message, format, structure, characters, voice and pace and was designed for those writing fiction, non-fiction, film, poetry and other storytelling forms.

The stories from the workshop will be published in a book to be released in late 2014.

The workshop was held as part of Anouk Ride’s Phd research at the University of Queensland which intends to uncover modern understanding of peace and conflict through analysis of the stories Solomon Islanders want to tell. The methodology provides skills transfer during the process of data collection.

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