Human Security and Markets Report available online

Published on Fri, 14/08/15 | News, Publications, Research

This independent research report, Human Security and Livelihoods in Savo Island, Solomon Islands: Engaging with the Market Economy, aims to identify the ways in which Solomon Islanders from Savo Island engage with the Honiara Central Market (HCM). The main aim of the project is to provide evidence-based research that can inform government and donor responses to issues of economic development and human security on Savo Island, expecially as they relate to issues of agricultural production and the articulation of Savo Island with the urban centre of Honiara. The research was conducted by Dr Nicole Georgeou, Dr Charles Hawksley, Dr Anouk Ride, Melinda Ki’i and Walter Turasi and was funded by the Australian Catholic Univsersity and University of Wollongong.

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