PNA Tuna Consultancy Ends

Published on Tue, 2/05/17 | News, Publications, Uncategorized

PERSONAL MESSAGE: After working for the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA for the past seven years, my consultancy with PNA to provide communications, strategic advice, event coordination and archives support has finally come to a close. Its been a great pleasure to work with the PNA, a unique example of indigenous people managing a key natural resource – tuna – across eight countries and to see it grow from the establishment of its office in 2010 to its current might, controlling the bulk of the world’s skipjack tuna supply.

The importance of the PNA’s work to the very essence of Pacific culture is reiterated each year by the PNA World Tuna Day Art and Talent Quest which it has been a privelege to coordinate over the past five years.
Happy World Tuna Day and long live PNA.

World Tuna Day was first adopted by PNA Ministers and now has been ratified as an international day by the United Nations to celebrate each year, May 2.

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