Markets Matter – women and informal markets

Published on Thu, 26/04/18 | News, Research, Uncategorized

The significance of community markets, in terms of economic and social benefits and  women’s security, has been highlighted in a series of short reports about informal markets in  Honiara, Solomon Islands. Dr Meg Keen and Dr Anouk Ride recently published three publications in the InBrief series of the Department of Pacific Affairs, Australian National  University: an introduction to the research project and one on vendor livelihoods and one on  women, security and social inclusion.

The research is the first to survey roadside food markets to detail the value of the markets,  women’s livelihoods and perceptions of security and market management at White River,  Henderson and Fishing Village markets. Surveys and focus groups were conducted by a team  of local researchers including Dr Anouk Ride, Melinda Ki’i and Miriam Resture. The research  was conducted with funding support  from by UN Women and the Canadian  Fund for Local Initiatives and access permission from  the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and Honiara City Council.

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