Herstory film wins Best Feature Film at Native Lens Film Festival (0)

Published on Wed, 13/11/19 | Film in the Pacific, Films, News, Uncategorized
Herstory film wins Best Feature Film at Native Lens Film Festival

At the inaugural Native Lens Film Festival in Honiara, a team of local    and international judges awarded the film “Herstory: Women working in corrections” coproduced by the Correctional Services  Solomon Islands (CSSI) Women’s Network and Sukwadi Media the  award for Best Feature Film 2019. Herstory is a participatory  documentary film that tells the stories … Read more

Herstory film in competition in regional film festival (0)

Published on Thu, 17/10/19 | Film in the Pacific, News

The UK High Commission and CSSI have funded one of the pioneering women in corrections, Inspector Dorothy Siru and CSSI Women’s Network Chair Wendy Gebe to attend the Ânûû-rû Âboro Film Festival from 18-26 October at Pwêêdi Wiimîâ (Poindimié). The two women will represent the film, produced by Sukwadi Media with funding support from Australian … Read more

Tanna reveals more about the industry than the island (0)

Published on Mon, 30/01/17 | Film in the Pacific

The acclaim for Tanna, a film shot on the Vanuatuan island of the same name, continues into 2017, with its recent nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. Cinematically beautiful, shot with a relatively small crew from Australia, the film tells a story of a young woman whose marriage is arranged while she … Read more

Disney dramas in the Pacific (0)

Published on Thu, 10/11/16 | Film in the Pacific

One of the first people to see the upcoming Disney movie Moana will probably be me.   Featuring a Pacific female lead, Moana, tells the story of a sea voyage by a young girl in search of a fabled island. I am one of those uncool people that watches animated feature films regularly and without shame. … Read more