New report on family violence services launched today (0)

Published on Tue, 26/11/19 | News, Research
New report on family violence services launched today

A new report “Women’s Experiences of Family Violence Services in Solomon Islands”  was launched today in Honiara as part of the celebrations for the 16 Days of Activism  Against Gender Based Violence. The Solomon Islands Government has taken a number  of measures including the gazetting of the Family Protection Act 2014 (FPA) in April  2016. … Read more

Social Attitudes to Violence Against Women and Girls – What messages work? (0)

Published on Tue, 12/11/19 | News, Research, Uncategorized

Working for the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs of the Solomon Islands, Dr Anouk Ride collaborated with local researchers on the first social marketing research about attitudes to violence against women and girls to be conducted in the Pacific Islands region. The pilot study details the most appropriate messages to stop violence … Read more

Economic participation of young women report launched (0)

Published on Thu, 17/10/19 | News, Research
Economic participation of young women report launched

A new report “Enhancing the Economic Participation of Vulnerable Youth Women in Solomon Islands” financed by the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Umbrella Facility for Gender Equality was launched today. The study, including field research designed and overseen by Dr Anouk Ride, identifies constraints to, and effective measures for, increasing the economic participation of … Read more

After the Switch – the New China-Solomon Ties, Conflict and International Aid (0)

Published on Fri, 4/10/19 | News, Research

An analysis of the impact of the switch in bilateral relations from Taiwan to China is provided today in a new article by Dr Anouk Ride published in Australian Outlook, the online publication of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. An outline is given of implications of the switch for conflict, with some guidance about … Read more

Infrastructure, conflict and the Pacific (0)

Published on Wed, 28/08/19 | News, Research

In a recent article for the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Dr Anouk Ride argues that donors need to be more cognizant of, and responsive to, local conflict risks in where and how infrastructure is delivered. Using the example of Solomon Islands, she tracks the impacts of previous infrastructure decisions on conflict and gender equality … Read more

Herstory: Women working in corrections 1986-2018 (0)

Published on Mon, 1/07/19 | News, Publications, Research
Herstory: Women working in corrections 1986-2018

“Herstory: Women working in corrections” book  tells the stories of pioneering women working in prisons in Solomon Islands and how collectively they fought for women to be considered equal to men in the male-dominated security sector. Sukwadi Media worked with the CSSI Women’s Network over nine months on this participatory research and media project to … Read more

Riots in Solomon Islands: the day after (0)

Published on Fri, 26/04/19 | News, Research

Riots broke out in Solomon Islands on 24 April following the parliament’s controversial election of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Despite the country peacefully holding its first elections since the end of the regional assistance mission earlier this month, frustration with the political system has been fomenting for some time and the riots were targeted with … Read more

Gender and social inclusion in fisheries (0)

Published on Sun, 24/03/19 | News, Research
Gender and social inclusion in fisheries

Dr Anouk Ride was recently engaged as a specialist by the World Bank to conduct gender and social inclusion analysis for their upcoming fisheries projects in Tonga and Kiribati. In each of these locations, while women collect the majority of seafood from coastal areas for family consumption (a practice referred to as gleaning), they are … Read more

Young women’s livelihoods in vulnerable urban areas (0)

Published on Sun, 24/03/19 | News, Research

In March 2019 a stakeholder workshop was held to confirm the findings of research on young women’s livelihoods in vulnerable urban areas. The research conducted by Dr Anouk Ride and Sukwadi Media and Research involved interviews and workshops with 151 young women not engaged in full time study or work in communities considered disadvantaged in … Read more

Paper on Youth-inclusive development published by ANU (0)

Published on Wed, 23/01/19 | News, Research

Political discourse and parliament in Solomon Islands are dominated by older men, making it easy to forget that this cohort of influential people are, in fact, the minority of the population. With seven in 10 Solomon Islanders under age 34 (UNDP 2018:6), Solomon Islands’ youth population is particularly visible on the streets of Honiara, where … Read more