Oceania Conference on International Studies discusses statebuilding in Pacific (0)

Published on Sat, 12/07/14 | News, Research

On July 11, 2014, the Oceania Conference on International Studies discussed statebuilding in the Pacific, with presentations by Dr Anouk Ride and Kylie Evans, University of Wollongong. The conference was hosted by the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne and supported by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Deakin University, La Trobe … Read more

Flood of information, drought of listening (0)

Published on Thu, 8/05/14 | News, Research

Devpolicy recently printed an opinion piece by Anouk Ride on communications and public relations during natural disasters. The article is inspired by the writer’s recent experience working on crisis communications during Honiara’s April floods. Read more here: http://devpolicy.org/floods-of-information-drought-of-listening-communications-in-honiaras-floods-20140508/

“Talemaot – Solomon stories of peace and conflict” available as e-book (0)

Published on Mon, 5/05/14 | Books, News, Publications, Research, Uncategorized

Talemaot is a collection of creative writing on the topical issues facing the country today by Solomon Islands writers and includes poems, short stories and short film scripts. The book, edited by Anouk Ride, features creative writing by Chelcia Gomese, Regina Lepping, Georgianna Lepping, Fred Percy Maedola, Anthony Maelasi, Julian Maka’a, Christina Mitini, Jasmine Navala-Waleafea … Read more

Disaster aid discussed at Australasian Aid and Development Policy Workshop (0)

Published on Mon, 5/05/14 | News, Research

The Australasian Aid and Development Policy Workshop at Australian National University discussed disaster aid as part of a presentation entitled Information in Natural Disasters – crisis, adaptation and communication which details research by SOLMAS/NDMO/ABC International on communication in disasters in two remote communities in Solomon Islands. See the presentation and abstract here: https://devpolicy.crawford.anu.edu.au/australasian-aid-and-international-development-policy-workshop/abstracts-presentations-and-papers

Information in Natural Disasters Report (0)

Published on Tue, 4/03/14 | News, Publications, Research, Uncategorized

Information in Natural Disasters – Solomon Islands assesses current information materials on natural disasters in Solomon Islands, identifies the key actors in disseminating information during a disaster and provides recommendations for future disaster content and communications. Communities in Kuma, Weathercoast and Nea, Temotu were asked what they know already about natural disasters, what they need … Read more

Writing Workshop held in Honiara (0)

Published on Wed, 15/05/13 | News, Research

Over eight weeks, May-June, writers in Honiara gathered once a week for a writing workshop designed to give writers questions which will prompt them to improve their stories and sell their works. The “Makem Gud Stori” workshop covers key elements of story writing such as motivation, theme, message, format, structure, characters, voice and pace and … Read more

Community Resilience in a Crisis (0)

Published on Sun, 27/05/12 | Books, News, Research

Anouk Ride and Lionel Dau from SIDT presented to the Pacific Psychosocial Forum on May 2012. The presentation looked at community resilience in a crisis from global to local knowledge – read the presentation here: CRIND & SIDT presentation

Resilience in a Crisis (0)

Published on Mon, 21/05/12 | Books, News, Research

Anouk Ride will co-present with Lionel Dau from Solomon Islands Development Trust on Community Resilience in a Crisis this Friday 25 May 9am. Talking specifically about natural disasters the presentation, looking at the situation from global to local perspectives, will examine how resilience can be supported or harmed by natural disaster aid and assistance. The … Read more

New research on communities facing natural disaster presented in Washington DC (0)

Published on Sat, 6/08/11 | Books, News, Research
New research on communities facing natural disaster presented in Washington DC

Presenting new research in Washington DC, Dr Diane Bretherton and Anouk Ride say evidence indicates when facing a natural disaster most people are cooperative, altruistic and resilient. “If you face a natural disaster, you will most likely turn to your neighbors and your community for help, advice and to help others you see as suffering … Read more

University of Southern Queensland Symposium – Natural disasters, trauma and sentimentality (2)

Published on Tue, 22/02/11 | News, Research
University of Southern Queensland Symposium – Natural disasters, trauma and sentimentality

A paper was presented by Anouk Ride on behalf of the research team including Dr Diane Bretherton and Dr Asha Bedar on the effects of sentimentality on natural disasters (particularly in the case of the Pakistan earthquake) to the Trauma and Sentimentality Symposium recently held by the Public Memory Research Centre of the University of … Read more