Riots in Solomon Islands: the day after (0)

Published on Fri, 26/04/19 | News, Research

Riots broke out in Solomon Islands on 24 April following the parliament’s controversial election of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Despite the country peacefully holding its first elections since the end of the regional assistance mission earlier this month, frustration with the political system has been fomenting for some time and the riots were targeted with … Read more

Gender and social inclusion in fisheries (0)

Published on Sun, 24/03/19 | News, Research
Gender and social inclusion in fisheries

Dr Anouk Ride was recently engaged as a specialist by the World Bank to conduct gender and social inclusion analysis for their upcoming fisheries projects in Tonga and Kiribati. In each of these locations, while women collect the majority of seafood from coastal areas for family consumption (a practice referred to as gleaning), they are … Read more

Young women’s livelihoods in vulnerable urban areas (0)

Published on Sun, 24/03/19 | News, Research

In March 2019 a stakeholder workshop was held to confirm the findings of research on young women’s livelihoods in vulnerable urban areas. The research conducted by Dr Anouk Ride and Sukwadi Media and Research involved interviews and workshops with 151 young women not engaged in full time study or work in communities considered disadvantaged in … Read more

Paper on Youth-inclusive development published by ANU (0)

Published on Wed, 23/01/19 | News, Research

Political discourse and parliament in Solomon Islands are dominated by older men, making it easy to forget that this cohort of influential people are, in fact, the minority of the population. With seven in 10 Solomon Islanders under age 34 (UNDP 2018:6), Solomon Islands’ youth population is particularly visible on the streets of Honiara, where … Read more

Participatory research in the #metoo era described in new podcast (0)

Published on Thu, 10/01/19 | News, Research

Bridging Peoples Podcast 1 features a discussion with Dr Anouk Ride on participatory research with women about gender equality and the challenges of living locally and doing research with friends and colleagues. Listen here:

State of the Pacific Conference at ANU (0)

Published on Wed, 3/10/18 | News, Research, Uncategorized

The recent State of the Pacific Conference at Australian National University featured several interesting panels and a keynote by Dame Meg Taylor, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. Dr Anouk Ride presented on two panels of academics and practitioners. The first panel was on “Creating Options and Supporting Choices in Responding to Family and Domestic Violence” – … Read more

Solomon Islands Youth Status Report Launched Today (0)

Published on Wed, 22/08/18 | News, Publications, Research, Uncategorized
Solomon Islands Youth Status Report Launched Today

The Solomon Islands Youth Status Report was launched today along with the new National Youth Policy 2017-2030 for Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands Youth Status Report is a national report on youth participation in development and political processes. While the youth are a signi cant cohort of the population – seven out of 10 Solomon Islanders … Read more

Markets Matter – women and informal markets (0)

Published on Thu, 26/04/18 | News, Research, Uncategorized
Markets Matter – women and informal markets

The significance of community markets, in terms of economic and social benefits and  women’s security, has been highlighted in a series of short reports about informal markets in  Honiara, Solomon Islands. Dr Meg Keen and Dr Anouk Ride recently published three publications in the InBrief series of the Department of Pacific Affairs, Australian National  University: … Read more

Peace Research by Peaceful Means (0)

Published on Sun, 15/04/18 | News, Research, Uncategorized
Peace Research by Peaceful Means

Dr Anouk Ride and Professor Diane Bretherton presented to the Peace Psychology Conference at University of Notre Dame, Indiana, on “Peace Research by Peaceful Means’, each putting forward principles, approaches and examples of doing research in a peaceful way that advances peace in various different contexts. The session drew on chapters from the book “Methodologies … Read more

New survey data on food security released (0)

Published on Fri, 13/04/18 | News, Research

A new University of Western Sydney report on the Honiara Central Market vendors and consumers is now available: The report provides a useful snapshot of many food security issues for the capital city of Solomon Islands including transport, gender and income, supply and demand for produce. Led by Dr Nichole Georgeou, University of Western … Read more