Writing Workshop held in Honiara (0)

Published on Wed, 15/05/13 | News, Research

Over eight weeks, May-June, writers in Honiara gathered once a week for a writing workshop designed to give writers questions which will prompt them to improve their stories and sell their works. The “Makem Gud Stori” workshop covers key elements of story writing such as motivation, theme, message, format, structure, characters, voice and pace and … Read more

Fish and development in Malaita (0)

Published on Fri, 29/03/13 | News, Publications, Uncategorized

Read some new blogs, drafted by Anouk Ride for World Fish, about the challenges they face regarding aquatic agricultural systems in Malaita, Solomon Islands. Blog 1) Malaita community champions development: http://www.worldfishcenter.org/news-events/malaita-community-champion-their-development Blog 2) Women have nothing to do with fish, or do they?: http://www.worldfishcenter.org/news-events/momen-have-nothing-to-do-with-fish-or-do-they Blog 3) Moving towards more innovative development in Malaita: http://www.worldfishcenter.org/news-events/moving-towards-more-innovative-development-malaita

CBA Worldview backs Solomon Islands documentary project (0)

Published on Mon, 25/03/13 | Films, News, Uncategorized

ADILAH DOLAIANO WINS PAN PACIFIC CBA WORLDVIEW DOCUMENTARY DEVELOPMENT AWARD Adilah Dolaiano, head of Sukwadi Media, and director of upcoming documentary THE TEST is one of two winners of the award, along with Renagi Taukarai from Papua New Guinea. Watch Adilah talking about recieving this award: http://www.youtube.com/sukwadimedia THE TEST is the story of a boy … Read more

Solomon Island documentary project wins Oceania Pitch (0)

Published on Sat, 16/02/13 | Films, News

Sukwadi Media’s pitch for a film called THE TEST has won the Oceania Pitch competition at this year’s FIFO Film Festival in Tahiti, as announced in the festival’s prize ceremony on Friday night. THE TEST is the story of a boy who paddles a canoe out to sea to fish tuna in a test for … Read more

Off to Oceania Pitch (0)

Published on Wed, 30/01/13 | Films, News

Adilah Dolaiano (Sukwadi Media www.youtube.com/sukwadimedia) and Anouk Ride have been selected to participate in Oceania Pitch, a documentary pitching competition held by the FIFO Festival in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Along with renknowned writer from the Makira region in Solomon Islands, Julian Maka’a the team is seeking funding and investors for a documentary called “The Test”. … Read more

Commonwealth Youth Programme increases profile (0)

Published on Thu, 20/09/12 | News
Commonwealth Youth Programme increases profile

Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre in Honiara, Solomon Islands, has increased its public profile with a special visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during the Commonwealth Youth Leadership and Integrity Conference this week and media relations by Anouk Ride. Click on the links to see some examples of stories here: ISLANDS BUSINESS – … Read more

Solomon Masterpieces (0)

Published on Sun, 1/07/12 | Films, News
Solomon Masterpieces

A new film on masterpiece paintings by Solomon Islanders scripted by Anouk Ride and produced by Sukwadi Media had a local premiere at the Festival of Pacific Arts in July 2012. Watch the film online (in 2 parts) at http://www.youtube.com/sukwadimedia.

Community Resilience in a Crisis (0)

Published on Sun, 27/05/12 | Books, News, Research

Anouk Ride and Lionel Dau from SIDT presented to the Pacific Psychosocial Forum on May 2012. The presentation looked at community resilience in a crisis from global to local knowledge Рread the presentation here: CRIND & SIDT presentation

Resilience in a Crisis (0)

Published on Mon, 21/05/12 | Books, News, Research

Anouk Ride will co-present with Lionel Dau from Solomon Islands Development Trust on Community Resilience in a Crisis this Friday 25 May 9am. Talking specifically about natural disasters the presentation, looking at the situation from global to local perspectives, will examine how resilience can be supported or harmed by natural disaster aid and assistance. The … Read more

Crime and Looting After Natural Disasters the Exception Not the Rule (0)

Published on Thu, 19/04/12 | Books, News

This opinion editorial article from Dr Diane Bretherton and Anouk Ride has appeared in several US newspapers recently, pointing out evidence indicates most people, when facing a natural disaster, are cooperative, altruistic and resilient. If you watch the news, particularly news about foreign countries, you could easily believe that natural disasters are followed by looting, … Read more